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Ukulele for Beginners

Tutor: Zac Hooper

Location: Westhill Hall, Brighton (Seven Dials) 
Next start date: Tuesday 1 February 2022, 7.30pm - 8.45pm, 6wks (there will be a break on 22 February) *FULLY BOOKED - please email to be added to the waiting list.  This course will be run again in the Summer term.*

A fantastic starter instrument, Ukulele is a fun and practical alternative to guitar. 
A great way in to learning other string instruments as well. 

What does the course cover?

Many people who have struggled to learn an instrument are finding the ‘uke’ is a solution. It’s fun, affordable and accessible, while being extremely versatile. It’s also suitable for many musical styles and the skills learned can be transferred to other string instruments. 

Please note: ukuleles not provided.

Venue Westhill Hall is in the the Seven Dials area of Brighton (Compton Ave, Brighton BN1 3PS) and is a short walk from Brighton railway station.

About the tutor

Zac has been playing the ukulele and guitar for 30 years. He has a degree in jazz guitar and is an experienced teacher.


It was a very engaging class.  What I liked was the way the class was taught.  Zac gently led us into learning the music, and by the end of the hour we had got it.  Lovely space to learn in too.  Ruth

I loved learning a new skill with my daughter - really friendly group.  Great atmosphere - Zak is great tutor, really approachable and very patient & knowledgable.  Sacha

Excellent pace and very friendly tuition.  Really enjoyable. Kim

Enthusiasm for playing inspired by Zak. Guy

Very impressed by ability of teacher to get us playing tunes very quickly and in considerable variety.  I am very un-musical but with a lot of practice I think I might learn to play even a little bit, which is something I wouldn't have thought possible before I started.  Richard

Friendly atmosphere and entertaining presentation.  Good choice of music and good progress too! Ian

Slow and methodical, excellent for beginners.  Anon

Zac is a brilliant teacher - explains things really well and doesn't makes you feel silly when you don't understand things. He is really patient :) Anon

The tutor was able to make us aware of the infinite possibilities of playing the ukulele.  He gave us enough to get going with, and the rest is just practice. Steve

The realisation that with practicie you can learn chords and play songs.  Anon

Enjoyed the relaxed method of teaching - motivating and encouraging.  Made me want to practice. Anon

Zac's teaching style is measured and paced perfectly to the beginners.  He is calming - giving us confidence that we will get it. Liz

It was fun and really accessible.  I have no experience and was nervous about being rubbish and behind the class but the pace was just right! Helen

Very supportive and great fun.  I would recommend this (& have already) to friends thinking of learning! Jenna

Really enjoyed Zac's laid back but very encouraging approach to his teaching.  Caroline

Really great teaching, patient, clear, enthusiastic and felt like just the right pace for total beginner!! Thanks. Kelly