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Online Photography 1:1 with Francesca - All levels

Tutor: Francesca Moore

1:1 Photography Tuition (Online via Zoom)

Tailor your online learning experience and feed your creativity with individualised one-to-one photography sessions, for all levels.

Complete Beginner?

  • Build confidence handling your camera and using manual mode, from day one. 
  • Get the correct exposure – understanding ISO, aperture and shutter speeds.
  • Build your creativity with an experienced tutor, in a supportive environment.

Accomplished Photographer?

  • Investigate many different styles of work, focusing on composition, portraiture, studio lighting and black & white photography. 
  • Hone your skills using advanced exposure techniques to ensure the desired output from your camera, every time.
  • Investigate image editing and enhancement using post-production software. 
  • Develop your own style, and build a portfolio.

These individualised tutor-led sessions tailored specifically for your online learning aim to develop your technical knowledge, feed your creativity and develop your own photographic style. Learning will involve the exploration of seminal artists and a look at contemporary photographic practice. Projects will be completed between sessions to apply your learning and allow for supportive feedback. 

You will require a digital camera capable of manual settings.

£30 per hour. Please call Francesca directly to arrange a session: 07735589449

What other people had to say about their online learning experience:

I found the course enjoyable, informative & mostly I loved how much it encouraged creativity. Francesca is a wonderful tutor that has encouraged & kept me inspired throughout both the beginners & Intermediate courses. Particularly under the circumstances of attending the course over zoom during lockdown. I thought Francesca found innovative ways to make the course accessible, incredibly worthwhile & enjoyable. I would highly recommend this course.Lisa, Brighton

Francesca Moore is an excellent teacher with a very calm manor and she is very encouraging. I have learnt so much from the beginners and intermediate courses, it has transformed my photography. We used Zoom for much of the course due to Covid but this did not detract from the learning and knowledge obtained. A great experience. Neil, Brighton.

This course really helped inspire me creatively, and change the way in which I look at photography and its possibilities. Francesca was extremely helpful and supportive. 

All photographs by Francesca Moore

About the tutor

Francesca Moore is an award winning portrait and documentary photographer whose personal work stems from interests in people and the environment. With a formalised and methodological approach, she draws on her scientific background to portray humanitarian, social and environmental issues. Past projects include an Arts Council England funded project, Bhopal: Facing 30, that portrays the site of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster today, and the people who continue to be affected thirty years on; an investigation into the effect of EU legislation on traditional Romanian subsistence farmers at the point of Romania joining the EU; and a meditative exploration of the Camino, a pilgrimage walk to the town of Santiago, in the Northwest of Spain. 

Moore is a press-accredited member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and has held the role of London Photographer’s Branch Equality Officer. She regularly supplies images to Alamy Live News – this has seen her photographing live stage shows, festivals and events for over ten years. 

As a teacher of photography, Moore has been running classes at Evolution Arts since 2016, has taught in schools and colleges across London and Brighton, and has taught photography and storytelling workshops to 15-17 years olds as part of the National Citizen Service (NCS), a social enterprise scheme that engages young people with people of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life within their local communities. She is co-founder of FotoDocument’s ‘FotoSchool’,whose workshops are a platform for groups to discover and explore the power of the photographic image, and will be studying for a PGCE at Brighton University from September 2020.






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Instagram @franmoorephoto

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Camera Guidelines

  1. Ideally, buy an SLR (digital if you want digital, film if you want film). SLRs are best if you want to really explore, or even just experiment with photography. There are non-SLR compact digital cameras nowadays that take very good quality pictures but certain key features are limited and therefore limit the photographers capacity to be more creative. Having said that many ex-students have completed the course with a compact and been very happy to continue using their compact cameras.

  2. Canon and Nikon are the safest bets. Not because they are necessarily better, but because they are the biggest companies and therefore have a much wider range of lenses, accessories and equipment on the market (this is particularly true if you are interested in exploring the second-hand market).

  3. Try some out in a shop. The most important things are whether you like it, and whether the way it works makes sense. I personally find the menu system in Canon cameras to be extremely user friendly. All the digital SLR manufacturers - Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, etc - make cameras that produce very good pictures and, to be honest, all have pretty similar features. Most important is whether you like how it feels in your hand, it's not too heavy or fiddly and if the menu system etc seems to make sense. So go to a shop and ask to play around with a few, and pick the one that 'feels' best (and you can afford!). If you really like the Sony, get the Sony. Photography isn't as much fun if you don't like your camera.