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Online Gentle Over 55's Yoga

Tutor: Eva Kozacikova

Online via Zoom - live streamed sessions 

Starting: Monday 25 October 2021, 12pm - 1pm, 7 weeks.

Many people are ‘going back’ to in-person classes, but if you’re nervous or housebound, or prefer to have your class delivered to your home, you haven't been left behind. Eva's weekly live-streamed online supportive class can help keep you healthier, happier and more balanced within your body, breath, and mind.

  • Are you finding it difficult to get off the house?
  • Would you like to practice Yoga, but don't feel comfortable to go to public places? 
  • Are you finding it difficult to get off the floor but still would love to keep healthy in the comfort of your home?
  • Are you feeling anxious or lonely?

Whether you are completely new to yoga, have practiced before or even fear you may not be good enough or fit enough, Eva welcomes you to this class. A  gentle and slow paced class for everyone with the use of a chair and support.  

An opportunity to get together, enjoy togetherness and to get to know yourself better. Exploring and developing flexibility and balance from the inside (mentally) and outside (physically) you will be in a gentle and non-judgemental space with an experienced and supportive teacher. If you are feeling lonely, unsupported, or in need of connection this class will light up your week.

If you can't make all the weeks we will supply a recording of the session for you to do in your own time.  

Who is the tutor?

Eva is a registered and insured Yoga Instructor with several different schools.  Her teachings are influenced by these traditional schools of yoga and her focus is deeply on Traditional way of teaching with focus on awareness and mindful movement to reach to the core of our being beyond any program we might have running through our system. Reaching to the Self.

Vajrasati Yoga UK 500h
Yoga Gita Mysore BEYOND STYLES 200h
Svyasa University Bangalore
Bihar school of Yoga
Calm for Kids Yoga for Children
Calm for Kids Yoga for teenagers

Certification in Body Work : Ayurvedic treatments, Reflexology, Deep tissue massage therapy, Lymphatic drainage, Chinese energizing massage, Thai massage.


"I wanted to mention a few things that make your zoom classes so special - quite apart from the fact you’re an exceptional teacher!  One is that there is an intimacy in your zoom classes that I’ve never experienced in a ‘normal’ class.  Because on zoom we can’t really see the other participants (the screens are so small) we are only aware of you. So it feels very personal - just you and me! (You sign your emails ‘warmly’ and that’s so appropriate because ‘warmly’ is just how your virtual one-to-one class feels!)" anonymous

And at the end of the relaxation instead of having to get up and go home there’s the option of staying where we are and doing further meditation!" anonymous

"To me the importance is the HOLISTIC approach to body mind and spirit awareness, incorporating breathing and GENTLE stretching techniques. And Eva is a wonderful teacher at doing all of that!"

"Eva is a BRILLIANT yoga teacher!  I love her style which is so gentle and informative (perfect for an Over 55's class), and creates such awareness of one’s mind and body, as well as getting a wonderful stretching of lots of muscles (many of which I’ve forgotten I had!!).  I feel energised with a great sense of well-being after each class." anonymous

"Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop today. You have really helped me to begin to understand the true benefits of yoga practice. I have come away with a quieter mind, a deeply relaxed body and a feeling of peacefulness and calm. During the practice today I experienced parts of my body that I have never given any attention to before, becoming aware of tension being held and learning techniques to release that tension is a deeply self-nurturing experience. Eva I am grateful for your gentle guidance and teaching. You have a generous heart and your kindness is beautiful. "  Ruth Biggs

“I have been completely blessed to have found Eva as my yoga teacher. Eva not only brings her incredibly deep and extensive knowledge of yoga and meditation practices to every class but she helps you connect with your mind and body showing awareness to the now and how you feel. Each class is different working on different areas of the body and if you highlight an area of weakness she works with you to strengthen this and release the trapped energy from within. I absolutely love Eva’s yoga classes and feel so awakened by her teachings. She is phenomenally gifted at what she does and I feel so very fortunate to have found such an amazing yoga teacher.”  Emma Prior

"Eva's classes are a total joy. Every week, I look forward to her classes and come away feeling totally revitalised, grounded and encouraged to take my yoga practice further. Eva's vast, yet modest, experience in yoga and meditation has enabled her to create a unique teaching method. Providing clear guidance on challenging poses, at a calm pace with dedicated attention to the individuals within the class - Eva works with each person's needs and abilities, to help take them to the next level that they feel comfortable with. 

I find Eva's holistic approach and her enthusiasm for her practice totally infectious, I already can't wait for her next class!"  Susanna Howling

“Eva has been a student of mine and of my Teacher Training colleague Khadine Morcom for a number of years and I was very happy when she requested to enrol on the Vajrasati teacher Training course.
She had already completed yoga trainings prior to embarking on the course and had shown a long term passion for the subject and to study including during several trips to India.
She is a teacher with an exceptional combination of kindness, humour and insight and her work with children’s yoga over the years has made a huge impact on both the children she has taught and their parents.  She also teaches adults to an equally high standard and her work in pranayama is particularly profound.
I highly recommend her classes to anyone who might be thinking of joining.”  Jim Tarran founder of Vajrasati Yoga