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List of Therapies

All of our practitioners are devoted to developing and maintaining the wellbeing of those who attend the centre, through balanced, healthy energy and inspired creativity. All practitioners are professionally qualified and bound by the code of ethics of their professional societies.

If you wish to book a therapy, or would like further information, please contact the practitioner directly 

Prices vary for different practitioners. Some concessions are available - please discuss this when first contacting the practitioner.

Acupuncture - Eileen Lawless, 01273 205825

Reflexology, Indian Head Massage,Ear Candling: Leila Randall, leilastherapies@gmail.com

Counselling, Coaching and Psychosynthesis Counselling and Coaching - Cathy Warren - 07973 278095 / cathy@life-review.net

Naturopathic and functional medicine and Nutrition - Monique Kleinveld - 07917486794 / info@healthy-u.org.uk / www.healthy-u.org.uk

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