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A Journey Within the Body

Tutor: Jane Manze
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start dates: Tuesday 31 March 2020

Tuesday 7 July 2020

In this 2 or 4 week Journey Within the Body, we will explore and experience Body-Mind Centering® principles with guided and intuitive movement, imagery, hands-on, and music. This exploration will offer us strong, vital, ease and efficient movement,  and sense of being.  My intention is for sessions to be deep yet light and fun, focussed yet broad and expansive.  Sessions are open to anybody who enjoys moving and is interested in how they move and has a willingness to explore. Those who have or haven’t been to yoga or movement classes before are welcome! 

Body-Mind Centering® takes us from traditional anatomical and physiological knowledge into the actual physical and emotional sensations arising from the different parts and functions of the body giving us direct experience and a richer understanding of our being human.  This experiential ‘understanding' stays in the body, the organs, the tissues, the cells as we ‘embody’ movement.

Body-Mind Centering® has been described as a fantastic voyage into the intelligence of every cell and every system providing a frame for studying the complexity of the living, moving body in all aspects of life.  The school for Body-Mind Centering® was founded in 1973 by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen a movement artist and researcher, educator and therapist. Her work has influenced many fields of movement- from dance to child education.

“It’s about trust.  Trusting that your body knows what to do.  It made itself, whatever ‘it’ is and whoever ‘you’ are.  Nobody else knows what’s going on the way you do.”  Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

About the tutor

Jane has been teaching bodywork, yoga and dance for many years and deepens her practise and knowledge studying Body-Mind Centering® with Moveus GBR and Embody-Move UK.

Find out more at www.janemanze.com