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The Artist's Way Course

Tutors: Catherine Rees
Location: Brighton Buddhist Centre - Tichborne Street

Next Start Date:  Spring Term 2022


Please email if you want to be notified when course ready for booking for Spring 2022.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

  • Do you want to rediscover your passion or 'thing'?
  • Do you want to unblock some of the barriers you have around doing it?
  • Have you found 'your thing' but feel stuck?

Take risks, lighten up and rediscover your creativity within a supportive environment. Based on The Artists Way book by Julia Cameron this course explores and seeks to overcome what blocks the full expression of our creativity and playfulness.

It's an incredibly effective and liberating process, a personal and collective adventure in transformation and the rediscovery of those things in our lives that bring us the most joy and meaning.

This programme includes both lightness and depth. We need to not take ourselves so seriously that we get in the way of our spontaneity and playfulness and risk taking... And we need to take the parts of ourselves seriously that long for depth, meaningful connections and meaningful work. 

You will need a copy of the book to attend the course, and to get the most out of your attendance you should set aside extra time during the week for assignments.

COVID: We plan to run this as an in-person course but will obviously be guided by Government advice regarding the COVID situation nearer the time.  The Buddhist Centre is a COVID compliant venue and if the course needs to be cancelled due to restrictions you will be offered a refund or the opportunity to continue online.

The Artist’s Way 

The Artist’s Way movement began more than two decades ago as author Julia Cameron shared her ideas with a few friends in her living room. It continues to be a seminal text on creativity and an international best seller on how to unlock the natural creativity inherent in all of us. 

The basic assumption of The Artist’s Way is that you do not have to learn how to be more creative; instead you need to free your natural creativity. Our creativity can be blocked, and also unlocked.   

What does the course cover?

In ten weekly sessions - through discussion, tasks and creative exercises – we’ll be guided by The Artist's Way. There'll be opportunities to explore what might be blocking you creatively, and encouragement to find what supports you. Sessions will be a mixture of talking and doing. There is no need to consider yourself an artist.  Emphasis in class will be on play and process rather than finished result.

Who is the course for?

This course is for everyone: Whether you are brand-new to The Artist’s Way or have a bookshelf filled with years of Morning Pages journals, whether you are working on a large artistic project or simply wishing to experience more creativity in your life, this course can support you. 

About the tutor

Catherine has facilitated The Artist's Way groups in Brighton since 2009. She is trained as an Arts and Body Psychotherapist, passionate about facilitating groups and individuals to fulfill their creative potential and live their lives as fully as they’re able to.
For more information about her one to one work, or to contact Catherine, see her website: 




Excellent, kind and supportive facilitator, inspiring us to all explore our creativity in our own way.  Loved the little creative exercises each week.  Great group of people supporting each other along the way.

The course has opened me up to living a fuller life.  I now feel I have my head up, looking for opportunities to enjoy myself, share connect to people, be creative!  Amazing and moving, thank you!

How insightful and engaging it was, I liked hpw I can now see things differently and have the ability to make positive changes in my life.

Catherine did a fabulous job of running the course and encouraging and supporting us.  It was a journey of rediscovery of my creative self.

It made me stronger and ultimately more successful (hopefully) in my career, oh and happier!

I feel that this course has been life changing for me in an incredibly positive way.

I liked the tutors manner and input, feeling part of a creative community, the tasks in class and the reading.  Anon

Great group of people, very welcoming environment and fantastic facilitator. Anon

Fun, supportive, enlightening, nurturing.  I learnt so much! Rachel

I liked the way the class was led.  I had read the book, but the experience of being guided by a calm, caring, insightful course leader made it more rewarding than reading alone.

Was a revelation, really unblocked me and helped me trust and explore my creativity in a friendly and supportive group.  Thank you.  Charlie

Very inclusive, well paced, very friendly.  Fiona

I feel more positive, focussed and more self-aware.  Annabelle

Wonderful, inspiring course and very sensitively taught. It was a very valuable experience. Sandra

It has given me the courage to be myself. Francois

I particularly liked doing the pages, the tasks and lists, the artist's treats, the affirmations.  Leader / tutor - outstanding.  Anon

I feel healthier, happier, more confident, less critical, generally engaging life much more.  Sarah