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Your Microbiome and Immunity

Tutor: Kirsten Chick

Location: Online via Zoom with a maximum of 12 students
Next start dates: Thursday 25 November 2021, 7pm - 8pm - Bookings closed

Your microbiome is the world of bacteria, yeasts and other microbes in your gut and elsewhere in your body, and is an integral part of your immune system.

In this workshop, you will look at:

- Your microbiome's role in immunity
- Your microbiome and inflammation
- What influences biodiversity in your microbiome
- How to feed your microbiome

Who is the tutor?

Kirsten has been practising as a qualified nutritional therapist since 2003. She is registered with the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and the Federation of Holistic Therapists and a member of the British Society for Integrative Oncology. Kirsten lectures in nutrition at Sussex Downs College, and runs a variety of workshops amd retreats alongside her busy practice.

For more information visit www.connectwithnutrition.co.uk


The course was extremely good value and fascinating, every week I was gripped and looked forward to the next session!  I had never really realised or considered how nutrition and our bodies are connected to everything in the universe.  This course has certainly opened my eyes and made me think about things in a different way.  The course worked well because Kirsten followed a general framework she adapted it each week making it more relevant according to our interests.  She conveyed a wealth of knowledge in a simple and easy to understand way, as well as giving us practical ideas on how best to utilise the information and incorporate it into our daily lives.  I left the course feeling motivated and committed to making nutritional lifestyle changes.  Fiona

I absolutely loved this course to the point it became the highlight of my week.  The course gave me the understanding and confidence, I needed to make some very positive changes in my life.  I feel so inspired and just want to learn more.  Roxane

Kirsten tailored the course and information to our needs and interests. Fascinating course with simple well explained information to take home and apply.  I'm now making muchg better choices as to what I'm putting into my body! Anon

It was a fasciniating course and the atmosphere was warm and supportive.  Anon

I have learned a lot about nutrition and how to keep my organism healthy.  The course was very interesting.  I would definitely recommend it to friends and come back for a level 3 if there is one.

It was all new for me so I liked the whole course because I learned a lot.  Particularly the techniques to heal the gut and to help the lymphatic system to release toxins (Level 2).  Also I liked the way of teaching and the informations we had.  Cristina

Informal and managable amount of information.  Fun - interesting and thought provoking.  Very knowledgable tutor!

Very informative course and just the way that Kirsten links all the jey factors to our everyday life.  Where we can apply this type of nutritional stuff to our busy schedules/life.  Great stuff ideal for all ages! Andy

I really enjoyed this course.  Kirsten delivered information in an informal way building on the groups knowledge.  The information was detailed - the worksheets were very informative.  The subjects covered over the 6 weeks were well planned. Anne

I feel the course has really changed the way I cook and eat.  It made me very aware of processes in my body.  Really good.  Jacqui

I feel happier that I feel a bit more knowledgable with food groups & combining different types of food.  Also feel my mood is better than normal at this time of year. Andy

More awareness of diet and ways to improve it.  Frances

I feel happier because I have more knowledge to look after myself and family.  I  liked the friendliness of the teacher and group. Angela

I liked Kirstin's way of explaining, communicating. The emphasis of hydration. Anon

The science behind the digestive process.  Truths and myths regarding some ingredients.  The importance of nutrition for life!

Very casual, good space per group discussions.  Friendly staff and pupils.  Teacher was very informative.