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Video Making for Beginners

Tutor: Stephen Quinn
Location: Brighton Buddhist Centre, Tichborne Street
Next date:  Sunday 27 March 2022, 10am - 5pm

Learn how to create broadcast-quality video with only a smartphone and a range of free or inexpensive apps. It focuses on the power of powerful images, a strong script and sophisticated editing to create compelling content.
During the workshop you will learn to shoot, interview, edit, script, narrate and add titles with only a smartphone, and then transmit an exclusive piece of video to your YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook site. Stephen prefers using an iPhone but any modern smartphone will do




About the tutor

Stephen Quinn runs MOJO Media Insights, based in Brighton. Dr Quinn has published 26 print books and four digital books, and has taught mojo skills in 20 countries since 2010.