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Tuesday Night Tarot Online

Tutor: Rebecca Dove                                         

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Would you like to develop your intuition and learn tarot in a welcoming, inclusive group environment?

Have you tried to learn tarot and find that you can only get so far with books and online resources?

Perhaps you read tarot already and would like an opportunity to practice with others?

Come and join us for an inspiring, uplifting course, held over 4 weeks on a Tuesday evening via Zoom conferencing.

Tarot reading can help you gain greater insight into your life. It can help you to navigate choices that lay before you. Tarot cards are much more that fortune telling, they are a powerful tool for exploring our psyche. The 78 cards are imbued with rich symbolism that can unveil a deeper level of meaning and potential.

Working with Tarot symbolism can assist you to see the patterns that underlie your life. They can help you to examine beliefs and conditioning that may be limiting you. It can offer a wider perspective on life matters which can lead living life more fully. 

Tarot can help you to gain confidence in listening to your intuition. You do not need to be psychic to read Tarot. We can all open up to intuition which is innate in every one of us. 

In this course, you will learn basic Tarot symbolism, and how to apply this within a Tarot reading and what this can mean for you. Rebecca teaches an intuitive approach to reading Tarot through telling a story about each card. 

What the course will cover

A basic understanding of 78 tarot cards.

Simple tarot spreads.

What you will need:

We recommend that students have a Rider-Waite Tarot deck. You may like to have a silk scarf to wrap your tarot cards in and to lay out spreads upon. 

About Rebecca Dove

Rebecca Dove is a tarot counsellor with 22 years’ experience of offering insightful, psychological tarot readings for people from many backgrounds. Rebecca began reading tarot in new age shops in the late 90’s, and has worked as a reader in the UK, USA and Australia. She now offers private consultations and teaches tarot to groups and individuals. She is deeply passionate about symbols, myths, archetypes and spirituality. She has a wealth of experience in facilitating groups and holding workshops on spirituality and self-development. Rebecca is also a spiritual counsellor. 


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Very interactive with lots of opportunities to practice in a friendly and supportive environment.  Rebecca is a very enthusiastic and inspiring teacher and I learned loads today and am feeling more confident and motivated to carry on developing my tarot practice.

Rebecca's structured style.  Clarity of session and outcomes expectations were regulated. Parity of working together was encouraged.  Well held supportive environment.

Very structured and inclusive, just the right number of people for me to feel comfortable x10. Good mix of male and female, clear information, very straightforward.

Great mixture of learning techniques.  Addressed all levels of knowledge.  Covered a lot of material.  Lovely atmosphere in room.  Thank you.

So much information, while being fun, relaxing and expanding.

Very clear, well structured, kept to time and I learnt to do a very basic reading using my intuition.  Goals met so thank you.

It was a gentle and easy step by step approach for learning - when there is a lot of information to grasp.

It gave me the confidence and encourgement to continue using the cards in the future.

I love the way of interpreting cards without using a book.