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Beginners Photography course

Tutor: Eva Kalpadaki
Location: Brighton Buddhist Centre, Tichborne Street
Next start date:  Monday 7 February 2022, 8 weeks, 7pm - 9pm

Tuesday 8 February, 8 weeks, 2.15pm - 4.15pm

  • Spark your imagination and learn how to use your camera off auto.
  • Are you really getting the best out of your digital camera? Need some Creative input? Are you interested in exploring seminal photographers?

  • This digital photography course equips you with a working knowledge of the capabilities of your camera and the confidence to put that knowledge into practice. 
  • Learn how to envisage a photograph before you take it and then achieve exactly that result in-camera.

What does this course cover?

In eight weeks you will learn how to control and combine different camera functions including: ISO, metering and exposure, aperture and shutter speed, depth of field, white balance, metering modes, focus points and focus lock.

Creative and technical possibilities of digital photography are explored within a supportive environment, enabling you to acquire the skills to become a confident photographer. Between classes you will be encouraged to complete fun tasks to embed your new knowledge and expand your appreciation of all aspects of photography. You will leave this course feeling confident in using your camera on manual mode and full of inspiration.

Suitable for all levels. You will need a digital camera with manual functions (see below for guidance).

Photo credits (below)  Natasha Lythgoe | Brighton photographer

Camera Guidelines

All types of cameras with a Manual Shooting Mode (M) are suitable for this course. This includes compact point and shoot cameras, bridge and mirrorless cameras as well as DSLRs. As long as your camera has manual functions, then you are good to go. You can even bring a film camera if you want to experience the analogue way of taking photographs.

If you do not have a camera already and you are interested in buying one, then go to a shop and try out a number of cameras that are available.  You might want to think about the following questions:  Does it feel good in your hands? Is it light or heavy? Does it have a good grip when you hold it to shoot? What is the menu system like? Easy and clear to navigate or very complex? Consider your photography needs and your budget and buy a camera that feels good to hold and easy to use.​

About the tutor

Eva Kalpadaki was born in Greece. After she was awarded a Greek State Foundation scholarship she moved to UK to complete a PhD in Arts and Communication at UCA. She is a qualified teacher holding a PGCE teaching certificate from the University of Brighton. She is currently working as a fine art photographer and photography tutor. In her artistic practice she is not using the photographic medium to produce a record and a document of the world, which is what we usually expect to see in a photograph. She is using it to question the nature of photography and to cause a tension in what we are looking at. She is playing between representation and abstraction. She was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2008 exhibition among numerous solo and group shows. https://www.bright-on-photography.co.uk/

Twitter: @abstractionista


Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/eva_kalpadaki/


For the first time I have understood how to use my camera in manual.  It is an excellent introduction to photography.

Eva covered so much ground in a short space of time.  I feel really confident to use my camera in manual mode and try different things.

Eva, Clear, insightful, good homework.  Emails, course material, well communicated.  Good Central location.

Very informative, practical and fun.  Enjoyed everything about it.