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Creative Christmas Cards

Tutor: Annie Lyle

Location: Clarkes of Sussex, Bond Street

Next date: Saturday 4 December 2021, 12pm-2pm.

A great opportunity to learn how to make personalised Christmas cards. This Christmas card making workshop will provide a varity of materials to experiment with your own card designs. Experiment with mixed media such as paint, collage and illustration, and lots of other materials such as stamps and stickers. A fun festive activity to enjoy with friends -- or take some (play)time out for yourself.

All materials will be provided.

About the tutor

Annie is a Brighton based artist specialising in ceramics; art has guided her whole life. She spent six years studying mixed media fine art and a further six years assisting other established artists. She believes that making art is essential for good mental health and well-being.

She started Blue Lilly (providing arts based events) to transform beliefs on what it means to be creative. Refocusing creativity and a route to self love and confidence by being more in control of their headspace. She wants to show people that you don’t have to be good at ‘drawing straight lines or stick men’ to be creative or be an artist and instead encourages the process above all else.