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Learning to Draw Courses [copy]

Tutor:  Bern O'Donoghue
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton & Hove BN1 2LR
Next start dates:
Thursday 4 October 2018 - afternoon
Thursday 4 October 2018 -  evening 

  • Guided by our lovely tutor Bern, you will train your creative eye so you can accurately record what you see.  
  • Over the course of 10 weeks you can build both your confidence and your skills, developing your style stage-by-stage. 
  • You will learn to be more experimental and observant in your work so that you can develop your drawing further once the course is ended. 

What does this course cover?

You will be taught how to really ‘see’ what you are looking at and how to record what you see on paper, alongside exercises that will encourage you to be more focussed and experimental.

Materials required for the course: a box of medium or thin willow charcoal, one each 2B & 4B pencils, a vinyl or plastic eraser, masking tape . Paper is available for a small charge (20p for Cartridge, 5p for Plain Newsprint).

Bern is an artist and educator 


About the tutor

Bern is an artist whose  main practice is socially engaged work rooted in painting and drawing. She teaches at arts organisations across London and the South East, exhibiting her own work in the UK and Europe. For more information see www.bernodonoghue.com


Really enjoyable relaxed atmosphere.  Sarah

It gave me lots of confidence to start drawing and introduced me to different ways and methods.  Anon

I liked the relaxed style of teaching.  Seeing everyones individual style of drawing.  My confidence increased very quickly.  Kamjil

I really enjoyed this course - 10 weeks went too fast.  One of the things I liked was experimenting with different material, like charcoal.  Fiamette

I liked learning how to look more carefully at things and draw what I see.  Rachel

Bern is fantastic.  Knowledgeable and patient & always positive.  Classes were relaxing, like a little holiday each week.  Neil

I learnt lots of skills and was introduced to different artists.  It really did help me to draw and given me enjoyment back to drawing.  Will now book on to another art class.  Laura

I feel more confident and more happier.  Alpa

I have learned a brand new skill and developed a confidence to try and keep learning – thank you. Cath

This course is what I’ve been looking for, for years – highlight of the year! Corinna

I can draw! Maria