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Goddess Myth and Magic: The Power of Feminine Archetypes

Tutor: Rebecca D'arcy
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next date: Saturday 20 October 2018

Since the earliest translated historical records, there is evidence of worship of a supreme being in the form of a Goddess. Prior to written records, there are countless female figurines that have been found in burial tombs, niches and shrines, together with offerings that suggest that that they were religious objects. Throughout the ancient world, Goddesses were celebrated in temples, homes and festivals.  In Hinduism and contemporary Paganism, the Goddess is worshipped today.  

What can the reverence of a female form offer us? Why are both women and men looking to celebrate a feminine divinity today? Psychology teaches us that archetypes common to all of us populate our psyche, and many of these archetypes are feminine, corresponding to Goddess myths from around the world. By getting in touch with inner feminine psyche and spirit, we can nourish our souls and energise our being. We can live in harmony with the seasons of the earth and the moon in a way that is grounded. We can find ways of integrating what feels disconnected in our lives through meditation, myth and symbolism.

In this one day course, we will explore:

  • The history of Goddess worship from Neolithic to now
  • The meaning of Goddess symbolism and how this can help us live more fully
  • One Goddess or many Goddesses?
  • An overview of well-known Goddesses from around the world and their basic myths
  • Simple Goddess ritual
  • Goddess meditation 

About Rebecca D'arcy

Rebecca D’arcy took initiation into the Goddess path in 1994 through a spiritual calling. She is deeply passionate about the Divine Feminine in all of her myriad forms and how this is applied to spiritual practice and psychology. Rebecca teaches workshops and courses on spirituality and is a group facilitator, spiritual counsellor, tarot consultant and Interfaith Minister. She is currently studying transpersonal psychology. 

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