> > > Retiring the Critical Mind and Hiring the Compassionate Heart

Retiring the Critical Mind and Hiring the Compassionate Heart

Workshop Leader: Kate Armstrong
Location:  Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start date: Saturday 22 September 2018

  • Do you let fear stop you doing what you want or taking some risks?
  • Do you ever feel not good enough or less than?
  • Does creativity and compassion feel like something for others but not for you?

This one day workshop is for those of you who have identified that you live with an inner critic, one that can keep you operating from a place of fear or anxiety and stop you living your most meaningful life.

What does the course involve?

  • Understanding the top 12 traits of the inner critic and how they impact.
  • Externalisation of, and communication with, the inner critic.
  • Guided exercises and visualisation to begin to access the compassionate self.
  • Writing and creative exercises that empower fresh ways forward.

Who is the facilitator?

Kate Armstrong is an experienced counsellor and educator who is passionate about working alongside people to support them to live their most authentic and fulfilled lives.

Kate is originally from NZ where she gained her Bachelor of Education (Teaching) and Masters of Counselling, and her work has taken place around the globe having lived and worked throughout Australia, Canada and the UK. Kate is a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) and the New Zealand Association of Counselling (MNZAC).

Having had a strong inner critic throughout her entire life and spending many years at its mercy, she is determined about her quest to live a more compassionate life and work with others to empower them to do the same.

Hiring her compassionate heart has allowed Kate to explore and pursue more creative interests and this has resulted in recently having her first children’s book published, something her critical mind had told her “would never happen!”