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Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Intuitive Tarot   20/07/19 10.30am Workshop  
Paganism, Wicca & Earth-Based Spirituality   27/07/19 10.30am Workshop  
Creative Writing   05/09/19 7.30pm Course  
Over 60s Yoga   09/09/19 1.00pm Course  
Qigong   10/09/19 12.30pm Course  
Beginners Photography   11/09/19 7.30pm Course  
Yoga for Anxiety, Stress and Relaxation   11/09/19 12pm Course  
Intermediate Photography   12/09/19 7.30pm Course  
Stained Glass   13/09/19 1.30pm Course  
Nutrition 1    16/09/19 7pm Course  
Pilates   16/09/19 6.30pm Course  
Introduction to Journalling   16/09/19 10am Course  
Inventing the Truth - Creative Non Fiction   17/09/19 6pm Course  
Hatha Yoga Scaravelli Style   17/0919 6.15pm Course  
Storytelling and Fairytales    18/09/19 6pm Course  
Discoveries Through Drawing   19/09/19 1.30pm Course  
Astrology Beginners   20/09/19 7.30pm Course  
Painting in Oils   21/09/19 10.30am Course  
Acrylic Painting   23/09/19 7pm Course  
Mindfulness for Wellbeing (MBSR)   25/09/19 7.15pm Course  
Bollywood Dance   26/09/19 6pm Course  
Intuitive Tarot   28/09/19 10.30am Workshop