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Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Qigong   Tues 11/06/19 12.30pm Course  
Words and Wonder   Wed 12/06/19 7.30pm Course  
The Importance of Setting in Writing   Sat 15/06/19 10.30am Workshop  
Macrame - Knot a Wallhanging   Sat 22/06/19 10.30am Workshop  
Mindfulness Compassion and Joy   Sat 22/06/19 11.00am Workshop  

Introduction to Digital Photography

  Sun 30/06/19  10.30am Workshop  
International Dance    Thurs 04/07/19 6pm Course  
Intro to Street Photography   Sun 07/07/19 10.30am Workshop  
Laugh Yourself Happy   Sat 13/07/19 11am Workshop  
Journey within the Body   16/07/19 6.15pm Course  
Intuitive Tarot   20/07/19 10.30am Workshop  
Paganism, Wicca & Earth-Based Spirituality   27/07/19 10.30am Workshop