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Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Hatha Yoga: Scaravelli Style   21/01/20 6.15pm Course  
Beginners Photography   21/01/20 2pm Course  
Creative Writing    22/01/20 7.30pm Course  
Meditation Course   24/01/20 1pm Course  
Chakradance    24/01/20 6.30pm Workshop  
Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Workshop   26/01/20 10am Workshop  
Over 60s Yoga   27/01/20 1pm Course  
Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Course   29/01/20 10am Course  
Introduction to Needle Felting   01/02/20 1.30pm Workshop  
Watercolour Workshop   02/02/20 11am Workshop  
Ukulele Beginners   04/02/20 6pm Course  
Beginners Guitar   06/02/20 6pm Course  
Chakradance   07/02/20 6.30pm Workshop  
Painting in Oils   08/02/20 10.30am Course  
Unleash your Voice Workshop   09/02/20 7pm Workshop  
Beginners Photography   12/02/20 7.30pm Course  
Discoveries through Drawing    13/02/20 1.30pm Course  
Intermediate Photography   13/02/20 7.30pm Course  
Astrology Workshop: Sun & Moon Eclipses   15/02/20 10.30am Workshop  
Telling Your Story   20/02/20 7pm Course  
Intuitive Tarot   22/02/20 10.30am Workshop  
Wild Word Worlds: Storytelling & the Living Planet   23/02/20 10.30am Workshop  
Pilates   24/02/20 6pm Course  
Indian Head Massage   24/02/20 7.30pm Course  
Dream Interpretation   25/02/20 7.30pm Course  
Unleash your Voice Course   26/02/20 7pm Course  
Bollywood Dance   27/02/20 6pm Course  
Mindfulness & Compassion   28/02/20 3pm Course  
Astrology Intermediate   28/02/20 7.30pm Course  
Chakradance Workshop   28/02/20 6.30pm Workshop  
Singing the Light Fantastic   29/02/20 1pm Workhshop