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Real Relating

Tutor: Rich Taylor
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start date: Wednesday 19 September 2018, 2:30-4:30pm

"The most interesting experience of my adult life”
- John Cleese

A Real Relating Group is a 10-week course providing a uniquely insightful opportunity to experiment with being yourself and to explore how to be who you are with others.

Real Relating Groups help you to:

- Develop personally – increased self-worth and self-understanding.
- Reduce or share isolation – learn to identify and connect with others at an authentic level and form bonds that may outlive the group.
- Understand your place in the world by using the group as a microcosm / mirror, and gain insight into social and cultural contexts.
- Try out new ways of being, relating and interacting, and test out different roles or sides of you that might be difficult to express.
- Heal and help others.
- Receive the interest of others and support for whatever you’re struggling with in life.
- Enjoy your life more.


2 hour weekly meetings, for 10 weeks at Evolution Arts in a group of 6 - 10 people, plus the facilitator.

You will meet together to learn experientially about being yourself with others through the group work process. The sessions are relatively unstructured: there is no real plan, agenda, topic or pre-arranged direction. This key element helps keep things refreshingly real, without the formalities and restrictions you would usually find in more structured meetings. This helps ensure that whatever is most important or alive or pressing in the moment has space to emerge and can be explored for and between group members.

You will share and explore the highs, lows and in-betweens of people’s current lives, past experiences, and experiences in relation to each other in the group. You may also end up exploring wider human, social and cultural themes that seem relevant, and other elements that arise from the unpredictable turn of events of such a group process.


Please register your interest by calling or emailing Rich Taylor using the following contact details:

Tel: 07899 834396     Email: rich@richtaylorcounselling.com

Please note: **Anyone wanting to join a Real Relating Group will need to have had, or be currently having counselling or therapy**

Having registered your interest, a free 25min suitability assessment (without obligation) will be arranged before a place in a group is confirmed. The cost is £200 (equivalent to £20 per meeting)

Names of all participants will be shared around ahead of the group starting to help ensure interpersonal barriers to joining the group can be spotted before starting. 

Who is the tutor?

Having been a trusted listener all my life, my first training was with the Samaritans, who I volunteered with for just over 4 years. I then began training to become a Counsellor, for which I have completed a Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling (accredited by the BACP*) at the prestigious Metanoia Institute.

The learning never stops though, and I'm currently waiting to start the fourth and final taught year of an MSc in Contemporary Person Centred Psychotherapy, also at the Metanoia Institute.

I've been practicing Person-Centred therapy for six years in Brighton and Hove, seeing clients privately and for a local counselling charity, As You Are. I also have 500+ hours of experience in groups similar to one offered above.             

Like many therapists I also attend continuing professional development (CPD) courses each year too, to ensure I'm keeping up to date with theoretical and contextual developments.