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iRest Yoga Nidra

Tutor: Paul Collins
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton & Hove BN1 2LR
Next start date: Wednesday evening, 19 September 2018


iRest Yoga Nidra A mindfulness based practice


Develop the skills to navigate through life by connecting to your natural sense of well-being. Access the tools for self-empowerment and a connection to a part of yourself that is undamaged, peaceful, healthy and whole. Learn ways of how to clear deep rooted, limiting beliefs and heal old traumas with a mindfulness based meditation practice for daily living.
An 8 week course 6.30-7.30pm Includes cd /recordings & handouts.
Using meditation to find peace and calm in your life with whatever it presents using iRest (Integrative Restoration) Yoga Nidra

iRest Yoga nidra is based on the ancient teachings of meditation, it’s an evidenced-based transformative practice that leads to mental, physical, spiritual healing & well-being.

Its practice is integrative as it heals the various unresolved issues & traumas that are present in your body & mind, & restorative as it enables you to recognise your innate peace of mind that is always present amidst all changing circumstances of life.

iRest Yoga nidra provides you with tools to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, improve your interpersonal relationships & provide you with greater mastery & control in your life.

iRest nourishes noble qualities such as joy, peacefulness, empathy, forgiveness, patience & loving kindness towards yourself & others, & supports you to resolve issues such as insomnia, anxiety, fear & depression.

Who is the tutor?

Paul Collins (YRT) IYN Registered Yoga Elder

and iRest Yoga Nidra certified teacher

Paul has trained and studied Yoga, meditation, breath work and dance practices with renowned teachers from all around the world.   His classes and workshops integrate the iRest Yoga Nidra body sensing protocol. He has used yoga and meditation to transform his once stress filled chaotic life to find peace and contentment. He shares his practice with anyone suffering or struggling with lifeincluding  military veterans and has worked in rehabs, mental health units and prison as well as with people coping with the stresses of daily life. His purpose in life is to help people to find light in dark places and heal the effect of trauma or unconscious pain, to find freedom from fear and connect with your underlying peacefulness.