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Introduction to Enameling

Tutor: Jessica Melville-Brown
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next date: Sunday 15 March 2020

  • Learn how to enamel and etch onto copper using both liquid and powdered enamels
  • Explore a range of enameling techniques
  • Create jewellery, key rings or cufflinks and enamel tiles

What does this workshop cover?

Discover the ancient craft of enameling - the fusion of glass, copper and fire. In this hands on workshop, you will learn how to enamel on to copper, using powdered enamels and liquid industrial enamels. You will work on a tile and a collection of jewellery exploring the scrafitto technique, and experimenting with a range of fluxes. All the pieces you create are fired in the kiln throughout the workshop, and are ready for you to take home and the end of the day.

The workshop fee includes all the materials you need.

About the tutor

Jessica is a UK based enamel designer who specialises in the interchange between research, design, commerce and culture. Developing collaborations with communities, schools, universities, charities and designers to create innovative programs and product collections.

Predominantly focusing on jewellery design, workshops are generated within communities, focusing on the unemployed, men and women affected by HIV and women trapped in street sex work. The workshops act as a form of therapy, whilst also teaching and mentoring the participants on how to create a sustainable income. This is achieved through starting up their own creative businesses, enabling them to become financially independent.

Sustainability is a strong influence throughout my work. The materials used are attained from the local communities, depending on the project, availability, the area and the country. Focusing on recycled materials such as copper, glass, paper and leather. Through researching and utilizing resources that are easily available to the communities, schools and charities, it enables the social enterprises and programs to run independently. Eliminating imported products, reducing our carbon footprint and creating new skills, helping improve the long-term economy in the local communities.

For more information www.jessicamelvillebrown.com


Very attentive teacher, clear instructions, immediate results, instant gratifucation.

Clear instructions / demo / excellent help.  Good range of materials.  Freedom to work independently.

How many you could do - how quickly they could be done.  Different techniques.  Nice group size.

The satisfaction of completing work to take home and the level of teaching.

‘The workshop was an amazing eye opener, exploring how exciting this craft is.  I love how we can see each of our pieces developing in the kiln; it only takes 2 minutes to fire each enamel layer in the kiln!  I was able to take home a collection of jewelry, & an enamel number tile for my front door.  Thank you so much Jessica for such a wonderful, informative workshop!’ Katy 2016

Relaxed atmosphere.  Quick results.  Opportunity to experiment.