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Intermediate Astrology - A Continutation

Tutor: Julian Venables

Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start dates:  Friday 24 April 2020 (no class on 8 May) & then Friday 12 June 2020  

Introducing an easy going programme of continuous learning.  Astrology provides a time tested framework for understanding your consciousness and imagination. Learning in 5 or 6 week blocks helps you to grow in your spiritual understanding and really get to know your own chart.  Astrology is a valuable personal exploration in which you gain self-knowledge and self-understanding; it takes a little time to master it, and is ultimately very rewarding. This continuation course is suitable if you have already discovered a bit of astrology; it will refresh and then continue to help you understand your consciousness and life purpose and help you become your own wise counsel.  

About the tutor

Julian Venables – Astrologer & Author

Julian discovered astrology in 1989 and knew he’d found his passion. It wasn’t until 2001 that he decided to become a professional astrologer.

In 2003 he began studying through the Faculty of Astrological Studies, attending five consecutive Oxford university summer schools. He was awarded the Diploma in 2010. In 2006 he also did Deborah Houlding’s traditional horary course.

Julian has travelled the world giving astrology lectures including Sydney and Melbourne, Australia; New York City and Atlanta, USA; Kolkata in India and London, UK.

For the last four years he’s been writing a daily horoscope column on the web for www.uinterview.com.

He’s regularly appeared on BBC local radio phone-ins and interviews in his hometown of Brighton and Hove, and has appeared on Brighton’s local station, Latest TV.

As chairman of the local astrology group, The Brighton & Hove astrology circle, Julian gives regular lectures and presentations.

Last year he published his first novel, “The Astrologers Apprentice” which is available as a paperback or kindle on Amazon.