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Mindful Make Do and Mend

Tutor: Georgina Hooper
Location:  Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start date: Friday 25 January 2019

Do you have old but beloved clothes, trinkets and jewellery that are past their best but that you can’t bear to throw away?  Fall back in love with them on this course!  You will  gain a variety of mending and repair skills, methods, processes and techniques that will allow you to re-invest and re-connect creatively with your possessions and those of others that may be worn out or broken. Focusing mainly on fabrics and clothes but also including small household objects, ceramics and jewellery. Techniques include, Darning, Boro, Sashiko, Kitsingui, Alternative Embellishment, stitch and sewing. 

About the tutor

Georgina is a textile artist who has exhibited around the UK and internationally, and an experienced tutor, facilitator and workshop leader.  She believes that stepping away from the “use and throw-away” mindset and instead looking to repair, adapt, and beautify can benefit both our environment- in terms of reduced waste and consumption -and ourselves, in that we can take the opportunity to (re)connect in a creative, playful and soul-enriching way with our clothes and possessions.