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Making Miniature Theatres

Tutor: Michael Craven
Location:  Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start date: Tuesday 5 November 2019  

The heyday of the toy theatre was the Victorian period when Juvenile Dramas were part toy and part real theatre in miniature. In this practical course we draw on the history of the toy theatre to construct from card fully functioning miniature theatres with a proscenium, characters and scenery.  Once you understand the basics you can let your imagination run riot and you will create your own toy theatre perhaps with friends and family as characters!

These tiny theatres are not a children’s toy but great fun for adults and highly addictive! You will be using card construction techniques, drawing and collage. There will be plenty of examples and resources to spark your creativity. The course is suitable for complete beginners or artists wanting to broaden their practice.

Click Here For Materials List

Scalpel handle. 

10A scalpel blades. 

Double sided tape 12mm wide

HB and H pencil. 

Small sharp pointed scissors (they need a sharp not blunt tip and be small enough to cut out intricate shapes)

For later sessions you may need:


A4 and/or A3 300gsm card (Snowdon Cartridge is perfect – it comes in two weights so take care).

Ordinary white A4 computer printer paper

Magazines for collage

Full length family photos copied on to white paper

Florists wire


Thin wood

 Good to have but only if you have them in your workbox:

Bone or Teflon folder (not plastic)


PH7-70 canvas hinging tape – used for picture framing

Evolution will supply A3 Cutting mat and 30cm metal ruler