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Make Your Own Christmas Natural Bodycare Products

Tutor: Leila Randall

Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton & Hove BN1 2LR
Next date: Sunday Workshop, 01 December 2019

** SOLD OUT **

Make and take home at least 8 gorgeous Christmas themed natural ethical products, all individually gift wrapped. Learn how to create your own unique products to give as presents or just treat yourself. Recipes include: Sparkly body butter, Oat soaps, Body Spray, Bath Melt, Body powder, Bath & Massage oil, Festive soaps, Bath infusion. 

Only raw, natural, plant based ingredients are used, ensuring the products don’t contain any chemicals or artificial additives. The ingredients are sourced ethically, being organic and fair trade where possible. Essential oils are used to scent the products for their gorgeous aroma as well as the therapeutic benefits.  All materials and ingredients are provided for your amazing creations that are kind to the skin, animals and the planet.

Who is the tutor?

Leila Randall

Leila is passionate about the quality of any products that are applied to the skin and most of the base ingredients she uses are of food grade. Many skincare products commercially available strip the skin of its natural properties, compromising it’s abilities to assist in expelling toxins from the body and to act as an adequate barrier to the elements. A belief that all ingredients should be chosen for their therapeutic benefits to enhance and nourish skin condition and function is fundamental to her ethos.  Leila has been developing these beautiful body care products for many years in her home kitchen. Initially she was prompted to make an affordable, vegan, natural and therapeutic cream as an alternative to those available to combat her 6 month old daughter’s eczema.  Since then she has created a variety of recipes to the benefit of her family and friends. Leila wants to share this passion with you so everyone can create their own beautiful body care essentials naturally & ethically at home. 

She has a long experience in working in a variety of different settings, with people of various ages and abilities. Her workshops aim to be accessible, fun and informative. “I want to empower people to make their own choices and unique creations.” 

More info: www.leiVa.co.uk


"Leila's workshop was great fun - like being back at school! So good to know what ingredients are actually needed for a beauty routine, rather than all the chemicals that go into shop-bought creams that cost a fortune. Weighing base ingredients like coconut oil, melting ingredients together in a bain-marie, mixing with dinky wooden stirrers. The hard bit was deciding which essential oils to put in. Thanks to the handy charts drawn up by Leila herself, it was easy to get a feel for which one would be beneficial and then test it to see if it smells nice. I went a bit overboard and mixed 3 at a time, but have learnt for the next workshop to use 1 or 2 max. Can't wait for the next one!"  Valerie


“I really enjoyed Leila’s bodycare workshop.   We made oat melts for the bath, a household spray, and body cream amongst others, under Leila’s tuition It is good to know that all the ingredients are natural.   We had fun grinding up herbs and flowers etc in a pestle and mortar and melting various oils etc and adding gorgeous essential oils.  We had our own recipe leaflets so we could make these again if we wished and Leila gave us lots of tips.  At the end we could wrap and decorate our homemade products in tissue paper to make beautiful and ethical presents (if we wished) and that are kind to the planet as well.   I would certainly recommend this workshop to everyone.”  Claire

“My daughter and I attended one of Leila’s body care workshops just before Christmas and left with some lovely stocking fillers that we had made and gift wrapped ourselves. There was a fabulous range of essential oils, rose petals etc to choose from to scent our concoctions, and the morning was fun, relaxed and informative. Leila is very knowledgeable and approachable so participants felt comfortable to ask questions as we mixed. The course helped us to start moving away from using expensive mass manufactured skincare products containing dozens of unknown chemicals, and may have been tested on animals, and to learn how to combine natural household ingredients to make our own. Really liked the room spray we made, and the bath melts.” Wendy